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Redemption and Release, LLC

is proud to be Canada’s preferred and most trusted timeshare cancellation solution.
Through our streamlined and cost effective methods, we have saved desperate timeshare owners literally millions of dollars over their lifetimes by helping them get out of their timeshares, instead of carrying these liabilities year after year and even possibly passing on the detrimental financial obligations to their heirs.

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Our timeshare industry experts have the inside knowledge required to craft a comprehensive timeshare exit strategy for those who otherwise would have been burdened with the ever-increasing timeshare maintenance fees, special assessments and taxes that turn timeshare ownership into timeshare hardship.

We do not cancel your timeshare we redeem it through a simple and inexpensive process. This process permanently removes you as the owner. It is the best way to get rid of a timeshare. Many of our clients have been scammed in the past by companies clamming that they could get rid of their timeshare so... We offer two 100% money back guarantees for your convenience. Contact us today and take the first steps to timeshare freedom.
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